mnt-skyThe Dubs Foundation has three grant programs which are described below. For additional application information, please read the grant guidelines page. We view grant awards as a partnership and are excited to learn about your work; eager to partner with organizations whose primary purpose assist us in achieving our mission; and optimistic that together we can improve our communities for generations to come.

Responsive Grants

This is our largest of the three grant programs and open to all organizations that meet the criteria outlined on the grant guidelines page of our website. The Responsive Grants program has an online application process. Applications will be live January 1st– April 1st at midnight of each year. Funding decisions are typically announced in June. The application is located on the “Grant Application” tab of the website. We do not accept applications via mail, fax or hand delivery. In addition, funding decisions cannot be expedited and all decisions are final.


Proactive Grants

This grant program is by invitation only and has an online application process. If your organization is approached by the Foundation to apply through our Proactive Grants program, we will provide you with application instructions and guidelines at that time.

Grand Slam Grants

This grant program is affectionately named the Grand Slam Grants program in recognition of Mr. Dubs receiving the largest Grand Slam of all time (at the time of his award) for his four largest sheep. There is no application process for this grant program. These grants are awarded most commonly as a combination of donor directed gifts and historical giving from Mr. Dubs.